Self Love Weekend Retreat


Formentera is a magical island at any time of the year and every season has its beauty. But those of us who know it better like to enjoy it in all its splendor without rushing or external noises, with spring in full explosion and savoring each of its corners from that peace and calm so characteristic of this time.

We offer you three days of disconnection so that you can return to yourself, to your center, to your innate wisdom that always guides us from intuition. Through which you can practice yoga, eat nice and tasty food, walk, swim, etc … Let yourself soak up all this magic to return to your home renewed.

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Meritxell Navarro

Founder of @formaentera and the Olalo House project.

Nurse by profession and certified teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yin Yoga. She will accompany us in the morning yoga classes making us start every morning with renewed energy and ready to face the day.

“We practice on the mat everything that we will be able to apply in our daily life. Take advantage of every moment of your practice to breathe and be aware of it.

See you on the mat!”

Lidia Medina

Founder of @Tarakawasa  and new member of the Olalo team.

Marketer by profession, meditation instructor and qualified in mindfulness, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga teacher, modern shaman.

She will join us doing the morning meditations, the afternoon Yin Yoga classes and we will do with her, the Moon in you workshop, where you will learn to connect with the Moon and its energy.

“I believe that meditation and Yoga are powerful tools of change to create a better world for you, for other living beings and all of nature. If you change you, you change your whole world.”

Conscious Eating Collaboration

Gabriela Rodriguez

Founder of YOGABY VIVIR CONSCIENTE, expert in Holistic Nutrition and Hatha Yoga teacher, yoga coach.

She believes that nourishment is born from love and inner peace.

She will join us performing the Conscious Eating Workshop where you can practice and finally taste what you have prepared.

“I want you to know more conscious eating, be present while preparing your food, and enjoy your food and savor it as a gift to your body.”


Can Toni Blay is a beautiful, private estate of 50,000 square meters located in the heart of Formentera surrounded by the typical Pitiusan vegetation, pine and fig trees. Savinas, piteras and the sound of the sea will be your setting for these 5 days.

Maintaining traditional architectural standards, the estate consists of three houses that seem to form a small block of white facades surrounded by large terraces. A traditional oven and a common patio in which a leafy olive tree stands out completes the property resembling a small town square.