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Your space to practice yoga and meditation.
Olalo House is our gift for you.



hola / halõ

Did you know that Olalo House comes from the fusion of saying “hello” in Spanish and “alo” in Tamil, one of the languages ​​of Sri Lanka, where the idea for the Olalo House project was born?

Olalo House creates that space where you can practice yoga in idyllic enclaves cared for to the tiniest detail, allowing you to arrive, breathe and disconnect from the outside world. Olalo House is your home. Come in.

Olalo Story

In search of our Ikigai.

The concept began in Sri Lanka while its founder, Meri, was there on a trip. Although her home was thousands of kilometers away, she marveled at the warm feelings of home she felt in Sri Lanka. Upon returning to Spain, the Olalo House was materialized to be the mobile headquarters of home wherever you are.

In Olalo, we look for those places where we would love to stay, practice yoga, meditate and relax: a place to reconnect throughout the Spanish landscape and to easily enjoy its magical environment.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.



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Meritxell Navarro

Active in nature and in love with challenges, she became interested in the world of yoga when she arrived on the island of Formentera. The sweetness of her first teacher, Flor Manuger, awakened her interest in this discipline seven years ago.

A couple of trips to Asia and a third to India changed her way of seeing life 180 degrees and made her even more interested in the fascinating world of yoga. Guided by Nadi Guerrero, a disciple of the yogi Kamal Siregh in Rishikesh, she delved into the Ashtanga practice. Later, in Bali, she was trained in classical Hatha clásico Burkham Lagerman and his team, disciples of the Sivananda school and Master Mooji.

Without realizing, she would stand in front of the mat to be able to share everything she had learned during this time. It was at that moment when Formaentera Yoga began to take shape. The project has not stopped growing since.

Thanks to the regular intensives that Mark Robberds and his wife Deppika Mehta offer in Goa, and to be able to practice under the leadership of David Garrigues and Marque Garaux, Meri was able to deepen her daily practice and to constantly improve her technique.

This year, on her trip to Bali, she was lucky enough to receive from Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley’s student and co-founder of Yin Yoga, su intensivo de Insight Yoga.

her Insight Yoga Intensive: a combination of yin yoga, philosophy of Buddhism and Taotism and transpersonal psychology that have helped her enter the wonderful world of meditation.

Meri is also a Registered Nurse, with knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that she applies in each of her sessions, giving more value to the practice of yoga. In addition to her day-to-day hospital life, she is present in the delivery room, an aspect that has prompted her to become interested in the world of yoga prenatal.

Without a doubt, the greatest title achieved is being able to share her passion with her students. In Meri’s words; “In the end, you receive the energy from each of them to continue improving and growing, and that feeling, I can assure you, is wonderful.”